Stars out in force on final day of US election campaign

Yesterday saw the last day of frantic campaigning across the swing states as the US presidential election entered its endgame. With polls too close to call and despite a leaning towards the incumbent showing in most of the numbers, there was all to play for in the final push for the finish line.

The stars were out in force for the respective campaigns. In New Hampshire, a Romney rally was treated to the rock n roll swagger of Kid Rock who belted out classics like Sweet Home Alabama and the Romney campaign anthem Born Free to a sea of red white and blue.

Meanwhile, over at Obama headquarters, a certain Neil Diamond was manning the phones, hoping to avoid any misunderstandings by tweeting “If I call you, don't hang up. It's really me and I need you.”

Over in Ohio, where Romney has perpetrated an advertising blitz of staggering dishonesty that involved, as the New York Time editorial page put it “saying anything necessary to achieve power and blithely deceiving voters desperate for clarity and truth,” Jay Z took to the stage to support Barack Obama with a rousing rendition of 99 Problems but Mitt ain’t One.

Long time Obama supporter and tireless rock activist Bruce Springsteen was involved in a conference call aboard Air Force One with Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who controversially heaped praise on the president last week. Perhaps Bruce was sealing the deal on the new love in between Christie, Barack and the might of the federal government, as Christie turned down an invite to speak at a Romney rally last night. Then Springsteen sprang on to stage to give warm up a freezing crowd in Iowa with such newsworthy lyrics as ‘Romney got schooled by Obama, Ryan got smoked by Joe Biden.’

Pulling out all the stops, singing patriotism from the rafters, beating out the sound of a mythical new dawn, the campaign juggernauts screeched into the final day. As morning breaks in the United States – who will win and what will the world look like on Wednesday?

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