Stars bite back

Sick of constant pursuit from paparazzi and mocking from the public, British celebrities are biting back – quite literally. Jonathan Creek star Alan Davies did a Mike Tyson and bit a homeless man’s ear last week after having a few too many. Then I’m a Celebrity ‘star’ Marc Bannerman was arrested for a paparazzi confrontation, after a meal with jungle love Cerys Matthews. 

It’s enough to make Bjork look sane.

Stars do often play up to the press, a la Marc and Cerys, but Alan Davies is not one to normally court paparazzi attention. There weren’t even any present, with the whole incident caught on CCTV. So that just makes him crazy, right? Well Davies had just left the funeral reception of a close friend, when the homeless Paul McElfatrick began taunting him. “I was very upset and emotional. I had a lot to drink over many hours. Far too much really and a lot more than normal but it was an upsetting day,” said Davies

(Image: from YouTube)

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