Star with semi-nude Pammy

If you were to ask a question to the lads out there; ‘would you like to spend some time in bed with a Hollywood pin-up who’s seen better days, and is so desperate for money she’ll appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show’, we’re willing to bet the answer would be a resounding yes. Especially when that faded beauty is Pamela Anderson; there can barely be a man in the 28-35 age bracket who didn’t have some very special alone time with the former Baywatch bombshell, so why wouldn’t you want to recreate that for real (well, sort of, as you’ll see in a second)?

As a sickening plug for Nokia, we’re duty bound to tell you that you can now star in a sort of naughty scene with Pammy herself, and she’s even shot some heavily airbrushed pictures of herself in her skimpies in honour of the occasion: huzzah! Although we’re sceptical that you’ll actually get to writhe around with her, despite the advertising heavily implying it, but you might get to see her in semi-nude, live in 3D. Anyway, it’s called The Commuter and will be shot in HD on the Nokia N8. Sign up at the link above.

‘We wanted to create something very special for the launch of the Nokia N8 that showcases the Hollywood quality of its camera,’ said some Nokia bod. Like, whatever.

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