Star Wars stunt double will have arm amputated

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While action films filled with car chases and acrobatic movements are enjoyable and thrilling to watch it can be easy to forget the people that are actually doing the stunts. With a few exceptions, most stars have a stunt double who literally do the dirty work. One such person is British star Olivia Jackson.

Jackson has most famously played doubles for Charlize Theron and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Mad Max: Fury Road. Her most recent role was doubling as Brit Daisy Ridley who plays Rey in the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This Fall she was filming for a sci-fi film in South Africa titled, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter when an unforeseen accident occurred.

She was filming a motorbike chase driving in a straight line when a camera malfunctioned and the metal arm of the camera didn’t move out of the way in time. She wasn’t wearing any protective gear and sustained multiple injuries.

On her Facebook page the 32 year-old wrote, “2 weeks in a coma, brain bleed, brain swelling, severed main artery in the neck, crushed & degloved face, several broken ribs, paralyzed arm, shattered scapula, broken clavicle, broken humerus, broken radius & ulna, with an open wound and a 7.5 piece of bone missing, amputated thumb, torn fingers, 5 nerves torn out of the spinal cord…. not my funnest day on set.”

The most recent update is that she will have to have her left arm amputated. Jackson is based in South Africa and is known for her work in being a stunt double, model, actress and trained pro-fighter.

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