Stacey Giggs channels Tammy Wynette

Since the news broke on Sunday that Ryan Giggs had apparently broken every sibling loyalty rule in the book by having an affair with his brother's wife, everyone has been shocked, stunned, and waiting goggle-eyed for the next installment. Everyone except Giggs' wife, that is. Stacey Giggs doesn't believe a word of the rumours, and is happy to stand by her philandering man.

A friend told The Daily Mail, ‘Make no bones about it, Stacey believes that Natasha has been trying to steal her husband. She’s suspected it for a long time and these events prove it. But she (Natasha) has not succeeded.’

And as if the whole tawdry tale couldn't get any tawdrier (but let's not pretend we can look away), a third 'mystery' woman has called Gigg's wife to inform her, 'You’re not the only one who’s been sleeping with Ryan.’

As Giggs tranforms into Tiger Woods right before our eyes, sponsors, who have been showering Ryan with deals throughout his career thanks to his family man image, have now gone suspiciously quiet...

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