St Nick gets into the spirit

Thousands of people gathered in Bath’s city centre last night to witness the surreal sight of mega Hollywood star Nicolas Cage switching on the city’s Christmas Lights.

The Oscar winning actor has been a resident in the Somerset city for a number of years and owns various properties, including his very own castle. He made the appearance after a local popped a letter through his door asking him if he’d like to take the plunge (if you don’t ask, you don’t get).

The Rock thesp was met by rapturous reception of whoops and cheers. ‘Thank you citizens of Bath, citizens of Somerset, for your kindness and your graciousness in welcoming me to your beautiful community,’ he said.

‘I wish you all prosperity in the new year, not just in your work but also in the love you share with your families’.

Watch the surreal moment when Nic Cage shared a stage with Toby Anstis below. Next week Barack Obama opens the new Tesco’s Metro in Bishop Stortford.

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