Sport Relief Swim Ordeal for Davina McCall

Davina McCall had to be lifted to safety from Lake Windermere as she completed a swim for Sport Relief. This swim is only one of a number of gruelling events that she is taking on this week.

Davina is aiming to become the first female to complete the Sport Relief challenge. To do so, she is going to have to complete a mammoth 500 mile triathlon over 7 days. The weather certainly played its part in making the swim as tough as possible with the water temperature dipping below 5 degrees celsius.

Davina just about managed to complete her 1.5 mile swim but she struggled to get out of the water under her own steam. Helpers grabbed her and hurriedly dragged her up the ramp to safety as she looked visibly shattered. Once she was fully out of the water, She promptly collapsed and was lifted by an aid as supporters clapped and cheered seemingly unaware that she was in trouble.

After being taken inside a hotel near the lake, Davina was immediately checked on by a medical team and had her body temperature monitored. After being given the ok and warming up a bit, she tweeted to her fans "I'm OK. That was hairy. Thank you for all the support. I'm about to get on a bike". She then embarked on a 60 mile cycle to finish her third day in style.

The Sport Relief challenge is gruelling and the weather is not looking likely to improve for the remainder of her challenge. Davina still has a ways to go as she enters day 4 of her 7 day challenge on the route from Edinburgh to London. The TV presenter is tough as nails though and is back in action today looking to cycle 42 miles from Accrington to Glossop and follow it up with a run through a section of the Pennine Way as far as Edale.

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