Splitsville for Charl and Gav

That's it, all faith in love has been stamped on with a big silly celebrity foot. First Cheryl and Cashley, then Ronan and his wife (who we'd never heard hide nor hair of before the split) and now Charlotte and Gav. The Daily Mail are already bitching about how a split for the Welsh Posh n Becks was on the cards, even if we totally didn't see it coming. Number one, they just got engaged (scuse us if our cynical side didn't see that as a key indicator of marital strife), and number two - well there isn't one, other than that they were the most reliably normal (and therefore rock solid) couple the scurrilous world of celebrity has ever produced. They even bought a yacht and moored it in tropical Swansea for goodness sake...

Reasons for the split range from Gavin's lack of rugby playing (er, so what?) to Charlotte's career being on the up, to the fact that they had a bar installed at the bottom of the garden which they occasionally enjoyed a tipple from, (the horror,) and Gavin being hairless - i.e vain. A Daily Mail source says: 'Once she was back on the career ladder – which is she is now with a vengeance – it was only going to make Gavin look worse. His proposal of marriage was a desperate last roll of the dice, rather than a romantic gesture.' The truth is that rather than feeling sorry for Charlotte, most of those closest to her think that this is absolutely the best thing in the long run. He may be older, but in the end it was Charlotte who outgrew Gavin.'

So it's with a heavy heart that we pronounce Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani the new darlings of rugby and minor league UK celebrity. Charlotte, Gav - do something!

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