Splat! Killer Tomatoes big screen remake

When you think of 'Live and Kicking'.....and Emma Forbes.....and even Andy Peters - what's the colourful vegetable (some say fruit) that springs to mind? Couple of melons? No silly. The tomatoe!

If like us you enjoyed the 80's cartoon 'Attack Of The Killers Tomatoes' (we've still got the theme tune in our heads) then you'll be dribbling with glee to know it's being revamped yet again for the Hollywood big screen.

The original Killer Tomatoes spawned cult status in 1978', telling of a band of scientists charged with obliterating a rogue faction of gentically modified tomotoes set to take over the earth. And while the 1988 sequel Return of The Killer Tomatoes didn't add much in the plot stakes - it did spawn one very important Hollywood hero. Mr George Clooney - you've been splatted!

Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, creators of hit web series 'Ask A Ninja' are charged with writing the latest tomatoey rehash. Lets just hope they can recapture a little bit of that ketchup magic. Emma Forbes and Andy Peters as the deadly veg maybe? That'd sure give the remake an authentic spin!

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