Spinal Tap creator launches BBC series

Fans of Spinal Tap will be delighted to learn that director Christopher Guest is making a new spoof documentary for the BBC. The series is called Family Tree and stars Chris O’Dowd from The IT Crowd.

The series follows the attempts of a character called Tom Chadwick to trace the truth about his family after stumbling across some family heirlooms. It satirises the popular Who Do You Think You Are documentaries that have been a success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Guest will direct and co-write the eight-part series which will be a joint production between the BBC and HBO in the USA. "We are all ludicrously excited about the opportunity to work with Christopher Guest," said Chris Sussmann of the BBC. "He has British roots but this is his first ever project over here, and we are very pleased to have it on the BBC."

Although US-born, Guest is a member of the aristocratic Haden-Guest family, with British ties. He is married to the actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Although Spinal Tap has been his biggest hit, he has also received acclaim for other screen comedies like Best In Show and A Mighty Wind.

The series will be made by Lucky Giant, an offshoot of NBC Universal. Mario Stilianides, the head of comedy said, "We are thrilled to be working with Christopher Guest; it is an incredibly exciting first project for Lucky Giant. Family Tree will feature Christopher's signature style in a humorous look at the ties that bind our families."

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