Spice girls backstage at O2 concert

Turns out the Spice Girls are annoying - even when they're backstage. You might expect most stars backstage to use their free time lounging, meditating - possibly even snoozing. Not the Spice Girls. Geri Halliwell does sit ups in a silky dressing gown on the dusty concrete floor. And Victoria Beckham gets on with flogging her new mens range of jeans.

The Sun say Vicks whiled away the time back stage time at the London O2 concert slathering over Dave and setting the male fashion world straight on a couple of thorny issues - namely the tightness of denim arond the crotchal region. According to Vicks, "guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops – exactly how you see David....Anything too tight around the crotch....repulses me." Don't go on holiday to Italy or France then Mrs B, we hear the stallions in those parts love showing off their bulge!

Apart from mindless fashion chat, the Spice Girls also found time for a spot of bitching and in fighting.....with Geri pinpointed as the main culprit. In fact the tour might even have finished early, not because the hard 'working mums' had to 'get back to the 'school run'. But because Geri and her warbly warm-ups - were just too effin annoying!


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