Spears to wed for third time

Britney Spears has had a run of bad luck in the hubby department, first there was the ill-fated 50 hour marriage to Jason Alexander, which took place while both were bladdered in Las Vegas. Okay, so everyone should have a day-long marriage under there belt, it should be made compulsory.

What was less forgiveable was the star's subsequent decision to wed K-Fed, or Fed-ex as he is now known. Kevin was a dancer on tour with Britney, and he now appears to spend his life appearing on reality shows about losing weight. Britters's current boyfriend, Jason Trawick, seems relatively sensible in comparison, and is credited with helping to rebuild her life after the 2006 meltdown.

A source told The Sun, 'Britney's desperate to settle down again and have more children. But she is very traditional and didn't want to start a family with Jason until they'd tied the knot.'

Let's hope it's third time lucky for Britters...

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