'Soooooo soooooo bad'

Poor Cher. The 17-year-old shot through to the next round of the X Factor tonight after her striking performance of 'Hard Knock Life' last night. But it's not enough to please one critic. Someone handy with a spraycan really doesn't like Cher's singing.

'Cher Lloyd is...' - well, what comes after is a word we can't reproduce that rhymes with 'bite.' This interesting insight was sprayed on a display outside the X Factor studios in Wembley, 3am reports.

'Cher sucks sooooo soooooo bad,' the anonymous critic continues. 'She cannot sing.'

Cher has yet to issue a response to this assault, but a spokesman for Cheryl Cole said the attack was 'bang out of ordah man.' (Not really.)

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