Something kind of oooh...

It's been so long since anyone last mentioned the prospect of a Girls Aloud reunion that we're being forced to come to terms with the horrible fact that we may never hear the shiny ladies sing 'Can't Speak French' while wearing spangly costumes. However, we still have the GA feud to keep us occupied. According to the Mirror, Nadine is now never mentioned by the other popettes, in a ruthless air-brushing strategy.

Nadine told The Mirror, 'Oh God, yeah, Cheryl and Kimberley are like my sisters. We don’t get to see Sarah as much as we’d like because she lives in Buckinghamshire. As soon as we’re together, it’s like we’ve never been apart. We’ll have a night in dressed in trackies or PJs, with rubbish hair and no make-up. We stock up on oven chips, chicken nuggets, olives and sweets, and put on EastEnders, which we then just talk over all night.'

Come on Nicola, you can't just pretend Nadine doesn't exist - she used to do all the singing, remember?

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