Something kind of Nooo

The people's princess Cheryl Tweedy may be out of danger, but she's still not seeing any of her pals - only Derek the dancer and her mum are allowed at her bedside. Oh, and some doctors too, we hope. Cheryl has banned her two GA bezzies, Nicola and Kimberley, from visiting, as she doesn't want them to see her looking ill.

A friend told The Sun, 'Cheryl doesn't want people to see her as she is. She was delighted to get some privacy. She is still extremely frail and drifting in and out of sleep, but she has shown great signs of improvement.'

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell received a message from the poorly Geordie,'I had a text from her yesterday. She is on the mend and looking forward to coming back. She is making a good recovery.'

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