Some middle-aged men run around for a bit

Robbie Williams's England side last night took on the 'Rest of the World' for Unicef's soccer aid. Watching the match, our first thought was an uncharitable one; 'jeez, these guys are looking a little erm, out of shape'. Stars of sport and screen had clamoured to take part in the match, which took place at Old Trafford yesterday.

The game provided entertainment for reasons other than looking at the portly figures running around the pitch (oh, and the football too). The players were a hilarious mixture of A to ZZ list. We had Mike Myers and Woodie Harrelson playing against luminaries like Jamie Theakston and Robbie's best pal Johnny Wilkes - who seems to have no other role in life apart from being 'Rob's friend'.

The game ended on a tense note after a 1-1 draw, with a bitterly fought 22 shot penalty shoot out giving the 'Rest of the World' victory. We're saying nothing - let's just hope that the England World Cup squad weren't watching.

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