Some advice on bed buying!

Your bed is just about the most important piece of furniture you will own. The quality of your sleep defines your day and it really isn't something that you will want to skimp on. That said, there are quite a few bargains out there for those willing to look.

Well out first piece of advice is that you should never, ever, buy a used bed. It's one heck of a false economy! There are numerous dangers - bed bugs, terrible mattresses - and slightly more disturbing hygiene issues. Frankly, we don't feel we should need to go into that aspect any further!

Choosing the base of the bed is the first real thing you'll have to do and bed frames come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. You have to be sure to choose the bed frame best suited to your needs, consider price, comfort, design. Consider where the bed will be located and how much use it will get. Bed frame styles differ not only in their appearance but also in types of materials used in their construction.

Bed frames design can be as elegant, contemporary or plain weird as you can imagine. Popular bed frame styles include a canopy bed with four posts, a sleigh bed with an outward curving headboard and foot-board and a platform bed with simple, unadorned construction. And they come in a broad range of materials, including, but not limited to, metals such as brass or iron; solid hardwoods, which can range from dark cherry to light oak; and synthetic materials like faux leather and particle board.

Then, of course, there's size... you can pick up a twin, full, queen and king and custom-made bed frames can be constructed, at what could be a significant additional cost, to accommodate longer lengths or expanded widths. So there, that should be enough to get you started!

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