Solomon's mind

Stacey Solomon, aka Essex Queen of the Jungle is one positive lady. Despite spending a fortnight locked up with the UK's least favourite celebrities, she still insists that she had a lovely time. Even doling out praise for Gillian McKeith.

Stacey told the This Morning interrogators, 'I really cared about Gillian...genuinely. She's a funny lady - we only ever saw the side of her that was funny and jokey and a little bit scared of things, we didn't see all the trials and what everyone else was seeing.'

The bubbly Essex girl continued in her merry way, praising the TV doc that set the nation's teeth on edge, 'We are just thinking she is funny and that everyone wants to see her again. So she was coming back and cooking us food and putting her contraband in and we were like 'wicked, cheers Gillian' and then it got to a point where I didn't want to ever say anything bad behind her back, and it scares you because she's got two children at home watching and maybe I should just say what I think.'

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