Solo in more ways than one

She's preparing to launch her long-awaited (well, long-expected at least) solo album, and now it seems Nadine Coyle is going solo in more ways than one. The Talented One From Girls Aloud has reportedly called it quits with her American footballer boyfriend Jason Bell (that's American footballer in the sense of 'plays American football,' not 'an American who plays football').

Let's see what 'a source' had to tell Perez Hilton, shall we?

'Nadine was the one who decided it wasn't working,' our mysterious benefactor says. Well, that's pleasingly frank.

'They were together for two years but there was no marriage on the horizon.' Uh-oh! Sounds like a certain pop star was hoping to settle down.

'It's all very amicable and they will remain friends.' Of course. 'But relationships are all about taking steps and making commitments and they weren't moving to the next step.'

Translation: Cheryl's been married and divorced, and is well on the way to being married again, and Nadine is freaking out and seeking some stability in her life. Sounds fair enough to us, but we do wonder if the start of a year-long album promotional blitz is the best time...

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