So sued right now

Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued for unspecified damages and loss of marital relations by an American women who reckons that one of his stunts put her in a wheelchair.

Richelle Olson, who is executive director at Desert Valley Charities, claims that Cohen crippled her while he was in character as Bruno at a Californian bingo hall. She says that she was expecting Bruno to make an appearance at her charity bingo game but didn't know who he was, and was shocked when an 'extreme, outrageous, offensive caricature of a gay man dressed in sexually revealing clothing with an Austrian accent… who used vulgar and offensive language' arrived.

Then she tried to take the mic off him and it all went off Danny Dyer style, with a 'struggle ensuing' and his camera crew 'attacking' her while recording her 'humiliation and embarrassment'. Afterwards she collapsed and hit her head on a concrete slab, which caused two brain bleeds and has had her stuck in a chair ever since.

All of which if true is pretty makes for pretty grim reading. Still, it's not going to stop anyone from watching his film, is it?

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