So many haterz

Poor old Jordan was crying her eyes out on I'm a Celeb... last night after the public ganged up on her like a bunch of playground bullies and forced her to do her third disgusting bushtucker trial on the bounce. Obviously there are a lot of disgruntled Peter Andre fans out there. Get over it girls, Mysterious Girl was over a decade ago.

According to The Sun there is a campaign orchestrated by people who spend far too much time immersed in celeb nonsense to get her to do every trial, and it’s clearly working; she’s topped every vote so far. This has meant she’s had to do the following tasks: swim through fish guts; be submerged in water; wedge herself into a large wine bottle and have cockroaches thrown on her; dunk her head in slime and mealworm larvae; swim with crocodiles and have more cockroaches poured on her head. Nice.

‘People want to see me suffer,’ Ms Price said. ‘I predicted it because I've got so many haters out there.’

Any idea why?

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