So hot right now

You know how a week or so ago we went buck wild for the news of the imminent Sacha Baron Cohen film Bruno? Well prepare yourself for more gushing of the strictly excited film goer type now that they've released a trailer. Yes, an actual, factual trailer.

Now unfortunately copyright laws have stopped us from embedding the YouTube video onto this story, but those hotshot moneybags at The Sun obviously have all the contacts, as they have it right here. So watch it there instead. And if you're not saying to your friends 'so, how does a man defend himself against two dildos?' by the end of the summer then we'll give you all a tenner.

Meanwhile we have found footage of the man himself being bashed about by security guards at a Milan fashion show, showing you that he actually does do all this ridiculous stuff 100% for real. What a guy.

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