Snowed under

With the UK battling adverse weather conditions, 'snow' is very much the word du jour round these parts. And while Britain fights off the wintry elements, another snow-related figure (please bear with us while we get the snow references out of the way), Lisa Snowdon, is in the midst of a battle, not with snow (that would be ridiculous), but with meningitis.

A friend of the stricken star told The Daily Mail, ‘Lisa was feeling rotten for a good few days. On Thursday night she switched on the lights and she was clearly unwell and struggling to hold it together. She had flu symptoms, major aches and pains and a migraine. She then had to go on to host a dinner. But after that she just fell apart and she went to the doctor and was immediately checked into hospital. They then diagnosed her with viral meningitis.’

Get well soon, Lisa!

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