Snoop Doggy Idol

In other Snoop related news, the legendary rapper has suggested the perfect replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol: himself. He blew his own trumpet loud and clear (though we don't mind boasting when it comes to Snoopy) on the Larry King show: 'I like 'American Idol. I think I would be the perfect host to fill-in. I understand the dynamics of music and see stars before they are made. I feel like they be passing up on some good people 'cause they don't really have it together on their first try.'

Hear hear. If anyone knows a thing or two about the biz it's the 38 - yes, 38 year old rapper, who has been in the thick of it for nearly 15 years. His comments as a judge are bound to tickle. And his super-stoned persona is bound to put contestants at ease. The only thing he needs to make it onto the panel? Botox and some high waisted trousers. Come on Snoopy, SyCo's throne is but a tight crotch away...

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