Snoop Dogg wants to be a millionaire

‘Follow me follow me follow me follow me but don’t lose your grip, nine-trizzy’s the yizzy for me to f*ck up sh*****t’ Snoop Doggy Dogg rapped on his west coast classic What’s My Name, way back when he was only a Snoop Puppy Pup of 19 years. Who’d have thought that the former Crip would have become the sort of celeb that appears on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and plays for a charity, eh?

Well that’s how it is yo, with D-O-double gizzle taking a spot on the US version of the show alongside such entertainment luminaries as Katy Perry, Rachel Ray, Lauren Conrad and Reverend Al Sharpton. Only their time is money, so instead of sitting down as being asked a series of punishing questions while the host (whoever he is) ponders and uses breaks to annoy and ramp up the tension. So they’ll only be asked one question, and if they get it right, $50,000 will be donated to the charity of their choice.

If you’re that bothered about watching it, it’s showing on ABC on Sunday, at whatever time 8pm in the States is over here.

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