Snoop + Charlie Sheen = winning

It’s been something of a tumultuous last few months for Charlie Sheen: he barely goes a day without seeing his face slapped all over the gossip rags, his ex-wife wants him to take a psychological profile test so he can see his own kids, and haters are generally all up in his grill. People just trying to stop him from winning, every single day – but he wins all the same.

Anyway, Sheen is turning to the soothing effects of music making in order to shake off those blasted losers and parasites ready to suck his tiger blood, and look who he’s roped in to help create his masterpiece: none other than the ‘G’-est of all ‘G’s, Snoopy Dee Oh Double Gee, or Snoop Dogg to his friends. Large.

‘Warlock (AKA Sheen) meets his makers-music makers that is Snoop Dogg and Rob Patterson,’ he scribbled on his Twitter. ‘Get ready to rock the Sheenius within!’

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