Smug man marries posh lady

Red-faced TV judge Piers Morgan has certainly come a long way since he was fired as editor of the Mirror, and promptly escorted out of the building, so we will forgive him for looking somewhat self-satisfied. Well, it was his wedding day after all. Morgan, 45, married Tory MP's daughter Celia Walden, 33, in a private ceremony - free from C-list hangers on and magazine deals. So perhaps he does have some semblance of dignity? Discuss.

A gushing onlooker said, 'He couldn't stop smiling and was hugging and kissing all the guests. Celia looked beautiful in her dress. She had a daisy chain as a headband and a bouquet of wild flowers, which were simple but classy,' then added, bizarrely, 'Piers looked exactly as he does on TV, it could have been one of the suits he wears on Britain's Got Talent.'

Simon Cowell sent his best, saying, 'I hate to admit it but I'm absolutely thrilled for the two of them. Having met Celia, I have no idea how he managed to pull this one off.'

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