Sly old dog : Clooney was cheating

Poor Sarah Larson. We recently reported she'd been led to the Clooney knackers yard either on account of being too dull, or having boobs which suddenly got too big for George's liking. But turns out the sly old dog had another woman on the backburner all along.

Clooney is holidaying in Lake Como with a mystery, brunette, 'in her mid thirties' who gossips are saying he has been cheating on Larson with for months. But George waited until Larson had established at least a whiff of a modelling career and more practice in hanging around aimlessly at red carpet events before he gave her the elbow. How altruistic. And it worked!

Larson has been swamped by paps ever since being ditched. "I was meeting with my agent and all of a sudden tons of photographers showed up. It was out of control" she said happily about new modelling gig with Christian Audigier (E!). So being ditched by George Clooney wasn't the worst thing to have happened to Sarah Larson in a long while after all. It was actually the best! Every cloud......

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