Slurry Winehouse was Petey Average

At last night’s MTV European Music Awards in Germany the names of two people were on everyone’s lips. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty. The pair – with a reputation for erratic performances – performed separately despite our reported rumours of a duet.

The newly porky Pete Doherty gave a distinctly average performance of his song Rendition. And Amy slurred her way through her hit Back to Black. Many people at first thought Wino sang her song in German to please her Teutonic fans. However it was simply too much vodka, not linguistic talent, that had Amy speaking in tongues.

On the bright side, Amy did pick up the Artist’s Choice Award and gave a rousing speech to the crowd saying ‘Fank you…ummmm…Fanks.’ Let’s hope this award doesn’t get left in a toilet somewhere.

Are we shocked? Disappointed? Angry? Not really…we thought this would happen.

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