Sleeping with the enemy

Katie Price yesterday gave a frankly shocking State of the Union interview to a national newspaper, where she discussed her sleeping arrangements and relationships with exes with candour. We're still reeling from the news that the big-bosomed millionairess is apparently happy to receive erm, benefits from Reid, despite having handed over the divorce papers. But maybe we're prudish like that...

Katie told The Daily Mail, 'We’re separated. Yeah, he still comes to the house but we’re not together. Do I go and f*** Joe Public or do I go and f*** an ex? Can anyone here tell me that they’ve never f***ed an ex?' 'We are still friends, we are adult and amicable. It’s completely different from Pete. 'If you knew what went on over on Pete’s side of things, it is pure evil. He’s probably still in f***ing love with me. That’s the problem. There’s a thin line between love and hate.'

Phew, dark stuff. We need a lie down in a quiet room for a while to recover that worrying glimpse into the Price psyche.

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