Skinny Gwynny luuurves Her Madgesty

When A listers do mutual appreciation, they usually use long saccharine vocabulary with vowels which can be drawn out to maximum effect.

Just like Skinny Gwynny did on the Oprah Winfrey Show when commenting on the greatness of best bud Madonna.

Oprah: 'So what type of woman / friend is she? (Madonna)

Skinny: Weeeell. She's very caaaaring. And wiiiiise. And tooough. There's this great kinda diiiicchhhotomy...." Gwynny then says something cryptic and spiritual which only celebs really understand. "She (Madonna) really reordered my moooooolecules". (????)

What Gwynny really meant is that Madge is a ball breaker who can occasionally be nice (as long as you're not James Morrison.) But a softly spoken anti-heroine like Gwynny would never have the front to come out and say that live on Opes. What do you make make of Gwynny and her take on The Scary One?

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