Skeletons in her hallway

Kate Moss has got rather unusual ideas when it comes to interior decorating, it seems. Although the rest of her new house may be decked out like the inside of the Dorchester, there are two rather unusual guests staying at Kate’s.

Yes, Miss Moss has two good friends greeting visitors in the hallway and they aren’t Sadie Frost or Davinia Taylor. Instead she has two scary skeletons, which have been frightening her friends ever since they have been there. Even stranger are the antics the lifeless pair get up to. These are no ordinary skeletons – they’re sexo-skeletons!

The model has arranged her friends in the missionary position and even wants to put her and her boyfriend’s faces on them – yahuh! Stranger still is that these skeletons are a gift from a pal. (That sure is some gift…)

Although Kate must be used to having lots of skinny friends around – we think this is just a teensy bit strange. This may be one of Kate’s statements that may not catch on…

(Image: from YouTube)

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