'Sitcoms are the worst things in the world'

Yesterday we reported that Ben Drew AKA Plan B was set to star in the film remake of 70s cop drama The Sweeney, alongside cranky gambling addiction enabler Ray Winstone, the latest in a string of gritty, serious roles that Drew has played.

However he doesn’t just want to be the scowling young hood caught up in a world of violence and substance abuse: he’s also looking into branching out into comedy as well – only not a cheesy sitcom. Drew – or B, depending on how you want to role with him – says that any comedy he starred in would have to cater to his somewhat alternative sense of humour. It’s a shame he doesn’t tell us any pope jokes; that would have been interesting.

‘Sitcoms are the worst things in the world,’ he said, somewhat exaggerating. ‘You can't do super-dirty jokes. If I did do a comedy it would be things I thought was funny and people didn't think was funny, until the point where it becomes funny because I've disgusted them so much and they start laughing about how sick I am.’

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