Sister Italia: A beauty contest for nuns

An Italian priest, taking a leaf out of Whoopi Goldberg's book, has come up with a novel way to challenge the stereotype of nuns as dour and reserved individuals: an online beauty contest. While at first glance it may seem like a storyline from Father Ted, the Sister Italia contest gets under way in September.

The organiser, Reverend Antonio Rungi, said that it was calls from nuns themselves which gave him the idea. He hopes that the online competition will one day become a real-world event, giving sisters the world over a chance to showcase their "physical and spiritual beauty".

But before you go telling all of your mates with a nun fetish about Sister Italia, the good Father has assured reporters that the beauty pageant won't feature a swimsuit section. They can still, however, log on to the reverend's blog here and vote for their favourite habited lovely.

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