Sir Patrick Stewart dies!

If you dislike James Corden then clearly you have never seen any of his frankly excellent Sport Relief comedy sketches. You may have seen Gavin & Stacey and not liked him in that, or caught his over publicised mug on everything you can get an over publicised mug on, but the Sport Relief sketches - especially the 2010 one where he commands an entire arena of sports stars to poke fun at themselves - is genius.

Clearly, Sir Patrick Stewart has only see BBC3’s Horne & Corden sketch show. At last night's Glamour Awards in that there London he let unnecessarily loose at poor Corden for being a little rotund. Corden was hosting the award bash with great aplomb when Patrick Stewart came on stage to present an award and said he could see Corden’s belly from the back of the room. Cue a barrage of genuinely witty retorts at Patrick Stewart's expense.

To save us from transcribing the entire incident why don’t you just watch it all unfold yourself below. Whose side are you on?

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