Sir Norman Wisdom RIP

The comedy legend Norman Wisdom has passed away, he died at his nursing home on his beloved Isle Of Man on Monday at the age of 95.

Having had a hugely successful career in show business spanning well over half a century, Wisdom rose to prominence with his slapstick movie roles through the 50s and 60s. A statement from his son said, ‘Sir Norman Wisdom has today passed away at Abbotswood Nursing Home on the Isle of Man. Over the last six months Norman has sustained a series of strokes causing a general decline in both his physical and mental health.'

He added, ‘...he had maintained a degree of independence until a few days ago. However, over the last few days his condition rapidly declined. He was in no pain or distress and peacefully passed over at 18:46 on 4 October.’

As one cheeky Tweeter wrote ‘a nation will morn, that nation will be Albania’.

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