Sir Michael Terence Wogan, we salute you

In a vote to choose the “ultimate icon” of the last 40 years, Radio 2 listeners have spoken: Terry Wogan (“Sir Terence”, surely?) is the man for them.

The Beatles? Second. Nelson Mandela? Pah – a measly third. After all, what have they ever done? Have they ever placed a companionable and yet slightly cheeky hand on an interviewee’s knee? Popularised the strange, skinny microphone and majestically ordered a Supermatch Game (Supermatch Game)? Witheringly dismissed an entire Eastern European nation’s culture with a comment on a Eurovision entry’s funny trousers?

No. They have not. In the Radio 2 universe – rather like that occupied by the Highlander –  there can be only one, and that one is Sir Michael Terence Wogan.

(Image: Nicobobinus’ Flickr stream)

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