Sir Colin the Firth?

He's served as lust fodder for nice middle-class girls up and down the land, as well as giving a ridiculously sympathetic portrayal of King George VI, what more must an actor do to get a knighthood? It looks like Colin Firth will become a Sir in the next round of honours, according to a well-placed insider.

The sychophantic source told The Daily Mail,'Colin has been a great ambassador for Britain throughout his career and his sensitive portrayal of King George VI has won him much admiration among the Royal Family – and, of course, the film’s many fans.’

While nominations for knighthoods have now closed (yep, we're gutted too), the final decision will not be made until June. That means that the judging panel will have a good 2.5 months to re-watch Colin emerge dripping from a pond in a clinging frilly shirt.

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