Sinitta sticks her oar in

With the world reacting in shock and horror at the news that Dannii Minogue has been shoved off left X Factor, Sinitta has stepped forward to articulate what we're all thinking. Well, we say 'articulate', it's a language that we're not all that familiar with - let's call it 'celebrish'.

Sinitta tweeted, 'Ok, just read Sista D's statement saying she not doing XFUK.. Hell to the NO!!!! No tweedy-pie NO simey, NO sista D! ... Just loulou...???! (sic)' Um, sorry what? We're in severe need of a translator here. Anyway, Sinitta continued her rant, 'I say we all start packing sun block, shades and the big trunks and head out to LA- 'yoo hoo, simey!'...so many changes at once wow!...but Seems she has the other show to do! Madness!'

Having apparently attempted to call the Cowell, Sinitta then updated her undoubtedly confused followers saying 'I can't reach [Simon],no doubt he is dealing with this and Super stressed.all we can do is wait to hear from him. Seems she has made up her mind. We have to be positive as much as we hate change- look at Mike and Hoff on BGT-genius casting..I need a cup of tea..Collect thoughts, chill...its not looking good for me either, looks like every one new.. Ugh.'

Oh dear. Though as much as we're concerned for Sinitta, and her 'Simon's bikini-clad assistant' role, we think a trip back to school to learn some rudimentary grammar and punctuation might be more pressing...

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