Singer songwriter Tulisa has been arrested

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Singer-songwriter Tulisa Contostavlos was a member of the hip hop group N-Dubz and has since gone solo and released her debut solo album at the end of 2012. She is also well-known for her role in 2011-2012 as an X-Factor judge but has been replaced by Sharon Osbourne.

Over these past couple of years though she has been the recipient of rather negative publicity. In 2013 she was accused of arranging and supplying class A drugs to which she was acquitted due to the lack of evidence. She was also in court last year and fined for assaulting celebrity blogger Savvas Morgan at the V Festival.

She has unfortunately had another recent run in with the law. The Metropolitan Police spokesperson made a statement stating, “Police were called shortly before midnight on Thursday (Sept 10) outside Southgate Underground Station following reports of two cars in collision.”

27-year-old Contostavlos was driving a Ferrari and had an accident with a Saab driver. Thankfully there were no reported injuries but Contostavlos reportedly failed the breathalyzer and has since remained in custody. The East London police though have stated that, “A breath test was administered. We do not discuss the results.”

The drug scandal was a huge blow to her personal and professional life and unfortunately this incident is not helping her receive any positive attention. There is talk about N-Dubz coming be back soon which may help get her career in the right direction.

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