Simon's double trouble

When you're a celeb it goes without saying that you've done certain things; like quaff expensive champagne without thinking of a celebration in the future it could be popped in the fridge and better used for; another is to lean over the garden fence and have a good natter with the paps about those skeletons in your closet - you know, the ones you've filed away for later press attention. Cue Simon Cowell's latest 'secret' revelation - that he's done it, not once, but twice, with two girls at the same time.

The minted mogul told radio motormouth Howard Stern all about it, playing it down to the point of bare minimalism. 'I was just with these two girls and we ended up in bed. It was cool — I liked it.' A thrilling account, thanks Simon. He was equally skimpy on the details when it came to remembering when it happened, saying only that it was a long time ago. (Were Simon's pockets bulging with green stuff at the time we wonder, or was it just a stroke of good luck?)

More intriguingly, Simon also confessed to not knowing if he's still engaged to his longtime (ish ) squeeze Mezghan Hussainy, saying: 'I'm not sure. It's something I would need to say to you off the radio. I do get embarrassed talking about these things publicly'. Talking about his ex Terri Seymour, who he still claims to 'love', Simon also said: 'We were together six years. You just get to the point when it's better if you don't go out with each other any more.'

Ouch. Got that Mezghan?

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