Simon stomps off Britains Got Talent

Hairy handed reality king Simon Cowell is leaving Britain's Got Talent next year. Why? Because he feels that his fellow judges Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden have no artistic integrity, and are putting crap acts through, just for a laugh. Well we never...

An insider told the News of the World: 'Piers and Amanda take great joy in saying yes to performers they know Simon will hate but it hasn't gone down well. He's annoyed they're putting through acts that shouldn't even be on TV, let alone in the final stages of the world's leading talent contest. Simon has just had enough of them messing about and not seeming to take it seriously - that's why he's off.'

Yes, Piers and Amanda, this is serious work judging on 'the world's leading talent contest' - don't you know that lives are at stake? Anyone would think it's just mindless entertainment.

The last straw for Simon was being over-ruled by the gruesome twosome on the vote for married double act 'Magic Flute' - she plays the flute, he performs magic tricks. Cowell grimaced: 'Every note was out of tune. I felt sorry for the doves having to listen to that', while Piers dubbed them, 'hypnotic'.

Does anyone get the feeling this might be a slightly manufactured argument, designed to create a bit of a frisson before Cowell buggers off to join US X Factor? Just a hunch...

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