Simon sends girlfriend out to sea

The ever-offensive Simon Cowell has been at it again and this time it’s not even a pop star wannabe caterwauling in front of the camera who’s the target– it’s his long-suffering girlfriend, Terri Seymour. 

Simon, making an appearance on a chat show, was asked which three people he would save from a sinking ship. You’d think that his partner of four years would feature somewhere on the list. But Simon instead chose his mother, fellow American Idol host, Paula Abdul, and himself. Oh dear! Apparently, Poor Terri upon hearing this, stormed out of the studio, absolutely mortified.

So it looks like Simon’s in the doghouse. Dropping the ex-model and ex-TV presenter for the former 80s singer. It sounds like this sinking relation-ship is definitely heading for the rocks…

(Image: from YouTube)

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