Simon Pegg calls Ricky Gervais a fatso - and an idiot

Things have kicked off between two of the UK’s best loved funnymen, Simon Pegg & Ricky Gervais

It all started last week when Gervais made comments about the state of the British Film Industry

"The Americans are just better at it [film making] than us," said the David Brent look-a-likey. "When it comes to making movies we don't really cut the mustard."

Now Simon Pegg has hit back. Talking to Heart 106.2 the strawberry blonde actor replied; "He says a lot of things, that man. He said there had been no good British films since 1950. What an idiot."

He continued: "If you go to Los Angeles, you can get sucked into [losing weight]. I've seen people go there and suddenly become rake thin because there is a slight pressure to be thin. I've also seen a lot of fat people there. He's one of the fat people in LA, yes."

Simon Pegg's aptly named film How To Lose Friends And Alienate People is out this week.

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