Simon gags X Factor wannabes

Have you auditioned for this year's X Factor? Yep, us too; our rendition of the Bisto advert theme-tune went down an absolute storm. But if you did attend auditions, and dared to breath a word about your time on the show to pals, then you could be in big trouble. Simon Cowell and co have drawn up a draconian set of rules for auditionees that bans them from using social networking sites to talk about their experience. Auditionees are also forbidden to chat about any of the judges, past and present.

According to The Sun, if any hopeful speaks, tweets or posts pictures of themselves on Facebook, 'producer TalkbackThames and/or Related Parties or any other interested party may need to commence legal proceedings'. Yikes, talk about paranoid...

A trembling auditionee said, 'It was the most frightening thing I've seen. I was worried that I couldn't even tell my mum how I'd done. We were told that unless you signed the form you weren't allowed to go do the show. They were saying that it was important the element of surprise was kept in there and that we didn't just blab everything. I could understand that but it has put people on edge as we're mainly kids - we don't understand legal jargon.'

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