Simon Cowell’s mum speaks

You may have all the money and power in the world but there’s nothing more degrading than having your mum put you in your place, in public.

Julie Cowell, the mother of X-Factor guru Simon Cowell, has said that he's always had his nasty persona. When asked by Yours magazine what the music mogul was like as a child the 82 year old quipped: "I bought a new hat and asked him if I looked nice in it. He replied, ‘You look like a poodle’. But Simon isn’t nasty – he’s just honest”. Nice to see SyCo’s not lost his charm then.

And you’re in luck ladies, Mrs Cowell also confirmed that her son is destined to always be single: “He said at 19 that he wouldn’t get married. I thought he might change his mind, but he’s now 50 and it doesn’t look likely to happen.”

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