Simon Cowell praises Jedward

X Factor favourites John and Edward Grimes finally received some praise from their harshest critic, Simon Cowell, following a performance of the theme tune from Ghostbusters.

Cowell, who previously claimed that he would leave the UK if Jedward won the competition, told the terrible twins: 'It was possibly more entertaining than anything you have done before. Well done.'

Elsewhere, Cowell revealed a hidden love for arthouse cinema choosing a song from the 1997 cult classic 'Gummo' for contestant Jamie Archer. Bizarrely fellow judge Louis Walsh accused Cowell of cheating because the Irish talent scout had never heard of Harmony Korine's film.

But ultimately Walsh was a happy man as Cowell decided to jump onto the Jedward bandwagon. This time last year John Sergeant came close to winning 'Strictly Come Dancing' before he decided to walk away from the competition. Thankfully there's no chance of Jedward doing the same.

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