Simon Cowell plans X Factor the Musical

Not content with ruling the airwaves it now appears that Simon Cowell could be set to launch X Factor the Musical on the unsuspecting public.

The TV mogul has already successfully exported the X Factor franchise to the US as well as establishing lucrative tours, records and merchandising based on the hit reality show, but he now seems to have set his sights on conquering the West End.

An insider told the Daily Mirror: 'Simon is excited by the idea of taking The X Factor brand on to the London stage. It would be a perfect night out for X Factor fans and former stars of the show could be involved in it.'

However, it appears that the show will be comedic in tone rather than the saccharine melodrama of its TV big brother.

The unnamed source added: 'Simon doesn't want a super-serious musical. He thinks if this is going to be something that works it needs to be funny and have songs people might sing along to, but also laugh along with.'

Reports suggest that Cowell has enlisted the skills of comedian Harry Hill to help him write a humorous script worthy of a hit stage show.

Music producer and composer Steve Brown, who has written songs for Spitting Image as well as Hill's TV Burp, is rumoured to have been approached to compose the score.

The unnamed source said: 'Steve is excited to be working with Simon. He has recently been invited into his inner circle, helping last year’s X Factor runner-up Rebecca Ferguson on her debut album. He also knows how to create songs which get a laugh, so he could be perfect.'

With X Factor USA hitting the screens this Wednesday, Cowell is set to be one busy man over the next few months.

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