Simon Cowell Calls 2015 X-Factor contestant Mason Noise an A**hole

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Season 12 of X-Factor has kicked off once again and is already making headlines. While Josh Daniel brought 55-year-old Simon Cowell to emotional tears, Mason Noise has brought him to frustrated anger. This 2015 season has already begun the drama and is just getting started.

Week one of X-Factor auditions have recently been televised and not all contestants are happy with how it was edited together, especially 21-year-old waiter, Mason Noise. After his performance during the Six Chair Challenge, Noise decided that this was the perfect time to make his own noise.

Noise was in the solo boys category, but halfway through his performance he had another singer come and join him on the stage which may not have been the smartest move. After the performance he asked the crowd of 4,000 to pull out their phones and record what was about to unfold.

He began by complaining about his lack of screen time during the opening episode of the series saying, “Why is it I only got forty-seven second part on the show when others got ten-minute time slots?” Cowell replied with, “You’re about five seconds from being thrown off” and if he had a problem, Noise should leave.

He continued to complain and Cowell finally had had enough and said, “Don’t tell me how long you should have on this show. Why don’t you shut up?” He also told Noise he should apologize to the editors that spend hours working on the show, but Noise did quite the opposite. Throwing down the mic and flipping Cowell off, Noise stubbornly walked off the stage to the accompaniment of the crowd booing and Cowell calling him an “a**hole”.

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