Simon Cowell admits X Factor Musical was 'a punt' that 'didn't work'

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Simon Cowell has opened up about the flop that is I Can't Sing, the X Factor Musical. The show will close tomorrow night after only an 8 week run which is sure to disappoint Cowell no end.

It has been a rough period recently for the music mogul after X Factor USA was cancelled while X Factor UK ratings continue to hemorrhage as Simon returns to his hotseat in a bid to rescue the show and bring back the fans. It is being reported that Cowell may have lost up to £4 million on the musical as it failed to pull the punters in to seats in sufficient numbers.

Simon explained "We took a punt and it didn't work out. If I could do things different, I would have gone to local theatres and built up a following.". Cowell was adamant that he sees where the musical went wrong stressing "We went in too big a theatre, it's the biggest theatre in the West End.".

Rebecca Quigley, of Stage Entertainment UK, also believes that the theatre choice may have played a big role in the musical's demise saying "We are sad to be bringing I Can't Sing to a close, but are immensely proud to have co-produced the show. I Can't Sing has had audiences on their feet night after night, four and five star reviews from the critics and an amazing company and creative team, but it seems that isn't always enough.".

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